Kapow!!! Dr Sketchy’s to the rescue!

Having been unable to attend the last Dr Sketchy’s, it was a nice to have the opportunity to attend a special ‘bonus’ Anti-Art School last month as part of the British International Comic Show. Eschewing our usual venue at the Victoria events were relocated to the more scholarly surroundings of the Think Tank Theatre at Millennium Point in Digbeth. As befits a comic convention, the theme was Heroines and Villains, with the girls dressing (and undressing) as their favourite comic characters.

First up was comperé Liberty Pink, in the guise of Who Framed Roger Rabbit‘s Jessica Rabbit, performing her signature tune, Why Don’t You Do Right?. The tighter than usual time-slot meant there was no time for her to pose, sadly, so it was straight into the first act, Dr Sketchy’s regular Crimson Skye as Watchmen‘s Silk Spectre, to the tune of some rock and roll and Muse’s cover of Feelin’ Good. In the meantime, Liberty Pink had returned, but this time as Hewlett and Martin‘s anti-heroine Tank Girl.

Next up was Parma Violet, whose routine showed the transformation of Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel from the Joker‘s psychologist to Batman villian Harley Quinn. Whilst Ms Violet popped off to rearrange her outfit, Cherryfox stepped up to pose as classic comic superheroine Wonder Woman. Parma Violet popped back for a quick 10 minute pose, and was swiftly followed by Sherry Trifle‘s Cheetara from ThunderCats, performing to the TroggsWild Thing. Winding things up with the last act of the evening was Marnie Scarlet as another Batman nemesis, Poison Ivy, to Space‘s The Female of the Species.

The venue may have lacked the intimacy (and the beer) of the Victoria, and things were disturbed a bit by the occasional lost-looking comic collector wandering in and out again, but in the end, a super time was had by all. All back to normal tomorrow (Saturday 6th November) though, as Dr Sketchy’s returns to the Victoria in John Bright Street for Paradise Island (yes, another late post). Doors open at 3.30pm and tickets are available on the door, priced £8.50. There’s also rumours that there may be some folks from Channel 4 lurking around too…

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