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The Happy Couple

All Aboard the Bridal Train…

One year ago today, I married my lovely wife Maria in Kidderminster. I’d proposed a year earlier, whilst on holiday in Prague, and we started planning and plotting the big day at the beginning of the year. To mark our first Anniversary, I thought I’d post some photos and memories of the day. This is the first of two posts – the second should go out later in the week.


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Catching up…

ZzzzzKeen observers of my website (both of you) will have noticed I’ve not been updating this blog particularly frequently recently. This has been in part due to work being a bit busier than usual as my other venture, drawnalism (a joint project with fellow cartoonist Matt ‘Hack’ Buck), goes from strength to strength; partly due to my recent wedding to the lovely Maria (read all about her new business over at mazzawoo.com); but mostly due me being a bit feckless. (more…)

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Playing with ideas…

 A few years back (in 2007 to be precise) I embarked on a little side project called Card-i-catures.  The premise was simple – there are 52 weeks in a year, and 52 cards in a standard deck. As such, I drew a caricature per week of a celebrity, politician or similar figure that had appeared in that week’s news, and posted them here on my blog. The four suits were loosely grouped to represent figures from British politics (Hearts), World affairs (Spades), Entertainment (Diamonds) and, er, Miscellaneous (Clubs). (more…)

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The Big Move (and other stuff…)

Yup – once again I’m on the move, although technically I’ve already moved, as mentioned in an earlier post, and as avid followers of my Twitter feed will probably know. This is at least in part down to a change in my working practice – I’ve gone in the space of the last 18 months from a pen-and-ink cartoonist with some computer tidying-up to a wholly digital cartoonist, working now with my trusty Motion Computing LE1600 tablet PC. This gives me a whole lot more freedom, as I can now work from anywhere with a WiFi signal, and subsequently a lot less need for the messy, ink-splattered studio I was based at before. This, coupled with a break-in at my old studio just before Christmas prompted me to relocate my base of operations – into my back bedroom at home. (more…)

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Furniture and Equipment Clearance

In the next week or so, I will be saying farewell to the Custard Factory, which has been the home for my cartoon studio for the last four years (of which more in a future post). Due to my new studio space being somewhat smaller I am looking to dispose of some of my old office furniture and equipment, some of which I’ve had for many years, but, sadly now no longer have use for. (more…)

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