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Sketchy Performance

The sketchy performance of the title is mine, as I’ve not posted about Dr Sketchy’s Birmingham in over a year now.  Well, as I was packing up my kit to head off to another class on Saturday, I thought this would be the ideal time to post a selection of drawings from Sketchy’s past. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I unfortunately missed about half of events, and as ever, my notes from the ones I was at were, er, sketchy as well. As such, this post will be a bit short on the usual waffle, but full of many, many sketches of Sketchy’s.

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Kapow!!! Dr Sketchy’s to the rescue!

Having been unable to attend the last Dr Sketchy’s, it was a nice to have the opportunity to attend a special ‘bonus’ Anti-Art School last month as part of the British International Comic Show. Eschewing our usual venue at the Victoria events were relocated to the more scholarly surroundings of the Think Tank Theatre at Millennium Point in Digbeth. As befits a comic convention, the theme was Heroines and Villains, with the girls dressing (and undressing) as their favourite comic characters. (more…)

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