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Liberty Pink - Miss Piggy

Dr Sketchy’s Mega Catch-up (Part 1)

Liberty PinkYes, as you may have guessed, I’m a bit behind showing you my Dr Sketchy’s Birmingham drawings. As there’s over two years worth of unseen artwork in my sketchbooks (and tablet, of which more later), I’ve split this update into three posts (Part 2Part 3), so here are a selection of my favourites. Apologies if I’ve missed anyone out!

This update covers four Dr Sketchy’s between November 2012 to September 2013, namely Tim Burton, Art and Icons, Carry On Sketching and Showgirls. Unfortunately I couldn’t make a couple of the summer events in 2013 (Gothica and Menagerie) due to prior engagements, hence there was a bit of a gap between the last two.

However, Dr Sketchy’s Birmingham returns once more to the Victoria this Saturday (at the slightly earlier starting time of 2:30) for a subject that regular readers of this blog will know is a subject close to my heart, Steampunk!


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Dr Sketchy’s Catch-up No. 1 – Gender Bender September

05 - Liberty PinkAs promised, here’s the first of my Dr Sketchy’s updates with the event from September of last year. Billed as Gender Bender September, this was to be a rather different Dr Sketchy’s at the Victoria – or should that be the Victor Victoria. Ambiguity abounded – men were dressed as women, women were dressed as men… or was it the other way around? Luckily, not all the roles were reversed – the performers still performed, and the artists still drew. (more…)

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Kapow!!! Dr Sketchy’s to the rescue!

Having been unable to attend the last Dr Sketchy’s, it was a nice to have the opportunity to attend a special ‘bonus’ Anti-Art School last month as part of the British International Comic Show. Eschewing our usual venue at the Victoria events were relocated to the more scholarly surroundings of the Think Tank Theatre at Millennium Point in Digbeth. As befits a comic convention, the theme was Heroines and Villains, with the girls dressing (and undressing) as their favourite comic characters. (more…)

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Willkommen, beinvenue, welcome to Dr Sketchy’s Berlin

“Life is a cabaret ol’ chum so come to the Cabaret”. So sang Liza Minelli in the movie Caberet, but she could easily be referring to the recent Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School in Birmingham (previously) back in March. Titled Berlin, this time around the burlesque life-drawing class took it’s lead from the Weimar Republic-set musical and movie – a movie incidentally that I’ve never seen, although I have read Christopher Isherwood’s semi-autobiographical novel, Goodbye to Berlin upon on which it is based. (more…)

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We are amused… Dr. Sketchy’s does Victoriana

Back in January (ahem, better late than never) we stepped back in time to the nineteenth century for a taste of Victoriana at Dr Sketchy’s latest outing in Birmingham. Held, appropriately enough, at the Victoria pub, we were treated to an evening of music hall burlesque. My notes for this one were a bit patchy, unfortunately, so if I’ve missed anything out, I do apologise. Cherryfox opened the show with a performance of Wouldn’t It Be Loverly from My Fair Lady (duetting with, in what I believe will be his last appearance as compère, the Decadent Gent), and was followed by Amelie de Soleil performing a ballet-inspired routine (to the tune of a classical piece that I’m afraid I don’t know the name of). In the spirit of the music-hall tradition, our next act was Fanny Divine, sporting a rather impressive handlebar moustache and goatee and appearing as the Bearded Lady (complete with a meerschaum pipe). (more…)

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