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The ‘toon of the Baskervilles…

…or, A Very Special K.

Today, I’ve been contributing some work to a little project being produced here in Birmingham – Baskerville, a short animated film celebrating the life and work of local eccentric, printer, jappaner, gravestone engraver and atheist John Baskerville. Baskerville is probably best remembered today as the creator of the Baskerville font, although there is a rather extraordinary tale surrounding what happened to his body post-burial [scroll down]. (more…)

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Live Cartooning! (or Scribing, or Graphic Facilitating…. or something)

Tuesday night was an interesting experience for me… I was asked to contribute to the debate at Creative Republic‘s Creative Masterclass event at Fazeley Studios, just round the corner from my studio here in Digbeth. Unfortunately, due to illness the host, Michael Wolff, was unable to attend, so Creative Republic’s Stef Lewandowski stepped in at the last minute with his Ambient Creativity Audit of Birmingham (you might even hear me mumbling in the background in that clip), culminating in a call for a Creative Director for Birmingham. This was followed by an opportunity for the assembled audience to split off into groups, discuss what had been said and present their findings to the room.


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