Dr Sketchy’s Mega Catch-up (Part 2)

Kitten von Mew - Kate BushFollowing on from Part 1 of this long-overdue update, here’s the inevitable Part 2. This update covers the next four Dr Sketchy’s, between November 2013 and May 2014, and includes a selection of my favourite sketches from Let It Snow, Puppets and Muppets and Henson, Stars In Their Eyes, and The Natural World.

Dr Sketchy’s Birmingham returns once more to the Victoria this Saturday (at the slightly earlier starting time of 2:30) for a subject that regular readers of this blog will know is a subject close to my heart, Steampunk!

30 November 2013 – Let It Snow!

A traditional seasonal offering from Dr Sketchy’s Birmingham, featuring snowmen, Christmas Trees and drunken elves…

25 January 2014 – Puppets and Muppets and Henson!

No strings on Dr Sketchy’s this time, with a collection of puppets, muppets and other Jim Henson-inspired silliness!

29 March 2014 – Stars in their Eyes

With Liberty Pink appearing as Matthew Kelly (as Britney Spears), this was Dr Sketchy’s take on the ITV Series of the same name.

24 May 2014 – Natural World

Plenty of actual live animals (including toads, snakes and stick insects) made for a particularly wild Dr Sketchy’s!

This is also the first Dr Sketchy’s where I’ve used a tablet and drawn digitally since way back in 2008.

Naturally, you can go back to Part 1 or forward to Part 3! Looking forward to seeing you at the next one!

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