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The Big Move (and other stuff…)

Yup – once again I’m on the move, although technically I’ve already moved, as mentioned in an earlier post, and as avid followers of my Twitter feed will probably know. This is at least in part down to a change in my working practice – I’ve gone in the space of the last 18 months from a pen-and-ink cartoonist with some computer tidying-up to a wholly digital cartoonist, working now with my trusty Motion Computing LE1600 tablet PC. This gives me a whole lot more freedom, as I can now work from anywhere with a WiFi signal, and subsequently a lot less need for the messy, ink-splattered studio I was based at before. This, coupled with a break-in at my old studio just before Christmas prompted me to relocate my base of operations – into my back bedroom at home. (more…)

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