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The Happy Couple

All Aboard the Bridal Train…

One year ago today, I married my lovely wife Maria in Kidderminster. I’d proposed a year earlier, whilst on holiday in Prague, and we started planning and plotting the big day at the beginning of the year. To mark our first Anniversary, I thought I’d post some photos and memories of the day. This is the first of two posts – the second should go out later in the week.


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Dr Sketchy’s Catch-up No. 1 – Gender Bender September

05 - Liberty PinkAs promised, here’s the first of my Dr Sketchy’s updates with the event from September of last year. Billed as Gender Bender September, this was to be a rather different Dr Sketchy’s at the Victoria – or should that be the Victor Victoria. Ambiguity abounded – men were dressed as women, women were dressed as men… or was it the other way around? Luckily, not all the roles were reversed – the performers still performed, and the artists still drew. (more…)

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