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Liberty Pink - Miss Piggy

Dr Sketchy’s Mega Catch-up (Part 1)

Liberty PinkYes, as you may have guessed, I’m a bit behind showing you my Dr Sketchy’s Birmingham drawings. As there’s over two years worth of unseen artwork in my sketchbooks (and tablet, of which more later), I’ve split this update into three posts (Part 2Part 3), so here are a selection of my favourites. Apologies if I’ve missed anyone out!

This update covers four Dr Sketchy’s between November 2012 to September 2013, namely Tim Burton, Art and Icons, Carry On Sketching and Showgirls. Unfortunately I couldn’t make a couple of the summer events in 2013 (Gothica and Menagerie) due to prior engagements, hence there was a bit of a gap between the last two.

However, Dr Sketchy’s Birmingham returns once more to the Victoria this Saturday (at the slightly earlier starting time of 2:30) for a subject that regular readers of this blog will know is a subject close to my heart, Steampunk!


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