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Boooiiinnnng! Springtime for Dr. Sketchy’s

It was an warm and sunny day back in May at the Victoria for another Dr Sketchy’s, which was appropriate for the theme was ‘Spring Has Sprung’. The smaller-than-usual crowd (undoubtedly due to the unseasonably – for this year at least – good weather) were treated to a blooming good show of vernal delights, starting with a song and a pose from our host Liberty Pink in a emerald dress adorned with flowers. She was followed by Shirley Windmill (no, not that Shirley Windmill) and her massive marrow, the subject her first song, the old music hall classic ‘The Marrow Song (Oh, What a Beauty)’. She followed this with ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ prior to posing in rosettes along with the aforementioned large squash.


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