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Playing with ideas…

 A few years back (in 2007 to be precise) I embarked on a little side project called Card-i-catures.  The premise was simple – there are 52 weeks in a year, and 52 cards in a standard deck. As such, I drew a caricature per week of a celebrity, politician or similar figure that had appeared in that week’s news, and posted them here on my blog. The four suits were loosely grouped to represent figures from British politics (Hearts), World affairs (Spades), Entertainment (Diamonds) and, er, Miscellaneous (Clubs). (more…)

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Straw Poll

It’s been brought to my attention today that my caricature of Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice Jack Straw was, well, turning into my caricature of former US President George W Bush. I’m not entirely sure how this happened, but I suspect it’s because I’ve been drawing Straw for so long now that I felt confident that the caricature still worked (or so I thought), so I don’t refer back to my photo references. But I had a look, and, yes, there it was – completely wrong. But why Bush? Well, they both have something of the chimpanzee about them perhaps… Either way, I’ve gone and had another crack at Jack and have come up with the caricature below.


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Out and About (part 2)

Phew! It’s been a busy time for me recently. Over the course of the last month or so I’ve been out and about doing ‘live drawing’ at various events in the Birmingham area, so this post is an attempt to do a brief, illustrated summary of what I’ve been up to. (more…)

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10 Years of Learning to Draw

It occured to me the other day that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the publication of my book Learn to Draw Caricatures (which is still available and was recently reissued with a new cover). Around the time it came out, I did a couple of interviews in the local media. In January of 1999, shortly after the book was published I appeared on the Central TV arts programme called Premieré, which was a nerve-racking experience. Looking back now, it’s clear I’ve the perfect face for radio (but sadly, not the voice), although that sunset was lovely. (more…)

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