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Holey Moley! The Travelling Moleskine Party

Waaaay back in October (yes, I know it’s been a while…) I was invited up to Leeds by the lovely people at the Culture Vulture to the Holey Moley party to mark the return of a collection of travelling Moleskine sketchbooks. Various groups of like-minded arty types (including the PCO‘s very own Bloghorn) were sent a Moleskine sketchbook to pass around and collect drawings on a theme. Our theme was Naughtiness – which prompted a whole bunch of naughty cartoons and caricatures from our membership. (more…)

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Eggheads beaten!

EggheadsAs I’m in not doubt you’re now aware, the Cartoonists team, captained by yours truly swept to victory in our recent TV quiz bout, smashing the Eggheads with what Kevin Ashman described as “the most comprehensive defeat we’ve ever had”!

I’ve written a full report over at the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation’s blog Bloghorn,  (link has moved) and you can see the episode in question on the BBC iPlayer here*. (more…)

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