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We are amused… Dr. Sketchy’s does Victoriana

Back in January (ahem, better late than never) we stepped back in time to the nineteenth century for a taste of Victoriana at Dr Sketchy’s latest outing in Birmingham. Held, appropriately enough, at the Victoria pub, we were treated to an evening of music hall burlesque. My notes for this one were a bit patchy, unfortunately, so if I’ve missed anything out, I do apologise. Cherryfox opened the show with a performance of Wouldn’t It Be Loverly from My Fair Lady (duetting with, in what I believe will be his last appearance as compère, the Decadent Gent), and was followed by Amelie de Soleil performing a ballet-inspired routine (to the tune of a classical piece that I’m afraid I don’t know the name of). In the spirit of the music-hall tradition, our next act was Fanny Divine, sporting a rather impressive handlebar moustache and goatee and appearing as the Bearded Lady (complete with a meerschaum pipe). (more…)

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Holey Moley! The Travelling Moleskine Party

Waaaay back in October (yes, I know it’s been a while…) I was invited up to Leeds by the lovely people at the Culture Vulture to the Holey Moley party to mark the return of a collection of travelling Moleskine sketchbooks. Various groups of like-minded arty types (including the PCO‘s very own Bloghorn) were sent a Moleskine sketchbook to pass around and collect drawings on a theme. Our theme was Naughtiness – which prompted a whole bunch of naughty cartoons and caricatures from our membership. (more…)

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The Big Move (and other stuff…)

Yup – once again I’m on the move, although technically I’ve already moved, as mentioned in an earlier post, and as avid followers of my Twitter feed will probably know. This is at least in part down to a change in my working practice – I’ve gone in the space of the last 18 months from a pen-and-ink cartoonist with some computer tidying-up to a wholly digital cartoonist, working now with my trusty Motion Computing LE1600 tablet PC. This gives me a whole lot more freedom, as I can now work from anywhere with a WiFi signal, and subsequently a lot less need for the messy, ink-splattered studio I was based at before. This, coupled with a break-in at my old studio just before Christmas prompted me to relocate my base of operations – into my back bedroom at home. (more…)

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Furniture and Equipment Clearance

In the next week or so, I will be saying farewell to the Custard Factory, which has been the home for my cartoon studio for the last four years (of which more in a future post). Due to my new studio space being somewhat smaller I am looking to dispose of some of my old office furniture and equipment, some of which I’ve had for many years, but, sadly now no longer have use for. (more…)

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Happy Birthday, Dr Sketchy

Cherry FoxIt’s time to don party hats, as Dr Sketchy’s Birmingham is celebrating it’s 1st birthday! As regular readers of this blog will know by now, Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School is a movement that combines burlesque cabaret and life-drawing that started in New York by comic artist Molly Crabapple in 2005. (more…)

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Eggheads beaten!

EggheadsAs I’m in not doubt you’re now aware, the Cartoonists team, captained by yours truly swept to victory in our recent TV quiz bout, smashing the Eggheads with what Kevin Ashman described as “the most comprehensive defeat we’ve ever had”!

I’ve written a full report over at the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation’s blog Bloghorn,  (link has moved) and you can see the episode in question on the BBC iPlayer here*. (more…)

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Straw Poll

It’s been brought to my attention today that my caricature of Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice Jack Straw was, well, turning into my caricature of former US President George W Bush. I’m not entirely sure how this happened, but I suspect it’s because I’ve been drawing Straw for so long now that I felt confident that the caricature still worked (or so I thought), so I don’t refer back to my photo references. But I had a look, and, yes, there it was – completely wrong. But why Bush? Well, they both have something of the chimpanzee about them perhaps… Either way, I’ve gone and had another crack at Jack and have come up with the caricature below.


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