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More tattooing stuff

The previous tattooing blog reminded me of a e-mail I had a few months back. I drew the cover and other caricatures and illustrations for album artwork for ‘Pedigree Chump’ (and later ‘Room for Abuse’) for [spunge] a few years back. Recently though, I had an e-mail from a [spunge] fan who wanted my permission to have the caricatures of the band tatooed on his body. Although I was a surprised, I said ‘why not’. (more…)

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More Alex Hugheses (or is that Hughess?)

Having heard from the Alex Hughes of got me thinking: how many more of us are there out there. So, in a blatantly Dave Gormanesque way I’ve been hunting (well, googling) me down. Now, I’ve never actually met another Alex Hughes in person (although my mother tells me that there was a girl born on the same day as me in the next bed to hers who she later found out to be named Alex Hughes – whereabouts unknown). All the same, there’s a lot of me about. Aside from myself and the previously mentioned Alex Hugheses the list goes as follows: (more…)

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