Desert Island Doodles – Dr Sketchy’s on Paradise Island

Misti VineAloha! and welcome to Paradise Island (no, not that one), the setting for the most recent outing for Dr Sketchy’s in Birmingham. As the name implies, this instance of the burlesque anti-art life drawing class had a distinctly tropical theme, so we donned our leis and sharpened our pencils in readiness.

Making a splash with her opening number was our mermaid compère, Liberty Pink, after which we were straight in to our first model, Dani California with her balletic Bird of Paradise routine. Dr Sketchy’s organiser Candee Handful shivered our timbers with her pirate queen outfit, and was swiftly followed by Missy Malone, who stood for two poses.

Mysti Vine performed a grass-skirted hula for us, and finally Liberty Pink lowered the tone a bit with her rendition of sweary Saturday Night Live track I’m on a Boat! Reluctantly rescued from our desert island, we made our way home…

If this sounds your sort of thing, then the next Dr Sketchy’s happens er, tomorrow (sorry, this post is a tad late) 29th January, upstairs at the Victoria in John Bright Street, Birmingham, tickets £9.50 on the door. This month’s theme is Rococo Rocks, so expect a bit of the baroque with the burlesque.

Finally, I hinted about the presence of some Channel 4 folk in my last post from Dr Sketchy’s. Well, this involved a bit of filming for an upcoming TV show and a slightly different life-drawing class. Of which, more details soon…

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