Dr Sketchys Returns…

Suzie Sequin

Following on from the successful Dr. Sketchys in November of last year, Birmingham’s burlesque life drawing ‘anti-art’ school returned on Saturday for another afternoon of drawing, drinking and dames. This time, I decided to travel light, leaving the tablet PC at home in favour of sketchbook, pens and pencils. The theme this time was ‘Hollywood Babylon’, and the girls perfomed suitably movie-themed routines.

First up, Suzie Sequin, performed to the tune of ‘Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend’ from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, in a diamond-encrusted Marilyn Monre-themed outfit. She was followed by Victoria l’Etoile as Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz, Dani California pirouetting her way through Powell and Pressburger’s The Red Shoes and proceedings were rounded off with a number of short poses from the appropriately named Diva Hollywood. As before, prizes, in the form of an Oscar statuette, were awarded for the best sketch for each girl, one of which I won.

Anyway, enough rambling, here’s my pics…

There was a great turnout of Brum bloggers and Twitterers this time, including Graphiquillan who has already posted some of her sketches, not to mention a couple of fellow Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation members – Cathy Simpson and Chichi Parrish (who has unfortunately managed to injure her left eye in an altercation with a car door following the event… hope you’re feeling better soon, Chichi!).

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