Caricature Books

learntodrawcaricatures1My first book, Learn to Draw Caricatures was published in 1999 by HarperCollins.

This book is intended as a beginners guide to drawing caricatures, and in it I take you through the basics of how to draw the human face and body, and a few simple techniques for exaggerating these features and bring out the personality of the subject.

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Learn to Draw Caricatures has also been published in French (as Le Dessin de Caricatures) and Spanish (as Aprende a Dibujar Caricaturas de Personajes).

Learn to Draw Caricatures was also published as part of a larger volume, Drawing Cartoons, along with John Byrne’s Learn to Draw Cartoons and Learn to Draw Comic Strips, and Janet Nunn’s Learn to Draw Animated Cartoons.