The Remains of the Dame – Thatcher’s Legacy in Cartoons…

My first published political cartoon was on the subject of the resignation of Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister, for my then University newspaper, the Warwick Boar, back in November 1990. Unfortunately, this cartoon has disappeared from my archives – to be honest, this is a bit of a relief, as it Wasn’t Very Good. Since then, however, I’ve drawn the Iron Lady on a number of occasions, so I thought I’d share a few of these with you.


On the left is one I drew for my book Learn to Draw Caricatures of Mrs T as a handbag, as an example of how you can re-imagine a caricature as an inanimate object with associations to the subject. I re-used the handbag idea for this cartoon for Tribune in October 1998 that draws parallels between Thatcher and the then Labour PM Tony Blair.

The view that Blair was the successor to Thatcher (and her policies) is one I alluded to on a number of occasions for Tribune during his leadership of the Labour Party. Thatcher’s heirs to the leadership of the Conservative Party didn’t do so well, as this cover cartoon from July 2000 of her relationship with then Leader of the Opposition William Hague demonstrates below.



In more recent years, with Thatcher succumbing to old age she pops up less often. However, her influence still casts a long dark shadow across the modern political landscape. Her more recent appearances in my cartoons reflect that, be it in Alastair Darling’s Budget of October 2007 (below) or David Cameron’s, erm, manhood, in a cartoon drawn for an exhibition on the subject of Art at Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival in 2008. Incidentally, I’ll be attending this year’s Festival, 19 – 21 April 2013, if you pop along you may catch me caricaturing in the Square.Darling

With a Conservative Prime Minister once again running the country, she  crops up again in my cartoons, but this this time in the form of the Spirit of Thatcherism, that appears to be driving the new Government, as in this cartoon (below) from August 2010, or this one taking us Back to the Eighties from October 2010.

You can see these cartoons and more in my archives, not to mention other cartoons from Tribune from the likes of Martin Rowson and Matt Buck at And what next… well, my next cartoon for Tribune appears this Friday, and it may well be her final appearance… What’s that? You want a sneak peak..?


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