Dr Sketchy’s Catch-up No. 1 – Gender Bender September

05 - Liberty PinkAs promised, here’s the first of my Dr Sketchy’s updates with the event from September of last year. Billed as Gender Bender September, this was to be a rather different Dr Sketchy’s at the Victoria – or should that be the Victor Victoria. Ambiguity abounded – men were dressed as women, women were dressed as men… or was it the other way around? Luckily, not all the roles were reversed – the performers still performed, and the artists still drew.

Liberty Pink, in a manly t-shirt and shorts opened the show with an 80s-tastic performance that combined Ultravox’s Vienna, Bananarama’s Venus and, ahem, Sam Fox’s Touch Me. Next up was a surprise guest appearance by US songstresses Christina Aguilera and Cher (although I suspect it wasn’t actually them – judge for yourself from the sketches below) showing off their baked goods. No euphemism intended – their cakes were entries for the Great Sketchy’s Bake-Off. They are clearly very competitive… there may be trouble later.

02 - Kitten von MewKitten von Mew was up next, performing Lily Marleen, in the guise of Marlene Dietrich in top hat and full evening suit. The acts thus far had been but a gentle introduction the the Dr Sketchy’s world of gender bending, but this was all to change with the appearance of VJ Spankie as Jareth The Goblin King (as portrayed by David Bowie in the 80s movie Labyrinth); complete with a disturbingly realistic prosthetic, the nature of which I’m sure you can work out for yourselves. My darling wife, Maria, won the special prize for this round with her sketch featuring a distinctly phallic throne.

With the tone now set for silly, Liberty Pink returned in moustache and fedora for her musical tale of the lothario Alfonso. The next act was billed as Sketchy’s regular Crimson Skye, but sadly she was unable to make it. Luckily though, her friend and sometime Chippendale-alike Duncan Donut gamely stepped in and dressed in full Officer and a Gentleman uniform stripped to Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer. I have my suspicions about Duncan and Crimson’s relationship though…

Next up, Christina and Cher (who isn’t dead) returned (I may be wrong, but I suspect they could actually have been Benjamin Louche and Steve Pledger), but inevitably their cake show turned into a cat fight, and ultimately a custard pie fight. They managed to patch up their differences and pose for us, admittedly covered in pie. Finally, we were treated to yet another costume change for Liberty Pink’s even more confusingly woman-dressed-as-man-dressed-as-woman turn as Freddie Mercury – in moustache and miniskirt – for Queen’s I Want To Break Free. Rounding the night off with the appropriate I Am What I Am Liberty brought to an end what was one of the silliest, rudest and funniest Sketchy’s I’ve been to.

Stay tuned for my next update on November’s Tim Burton Tribute!

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