Yeee-ha! Dr Sketchy’s Saddles Up

It was High Noon (well, actually, it was after 3pm, but who’s counting) when I swaggered back to the Saloon Bar of the Victoria (well, the upstairs function room) in July for the latest Dr. Sketchy’s Birmingham. The theme this time was Wild Wild West, and they didn’t disappoint, with a whole posse ready to perform and pose for our doodling delight. Riding first into town was our regular host, (The Woman Who Shot) Liberty Pink, who’s gunslinger routine went down in a Blaze of Glory, whereupon she left on the Deadwood Stage, not before a short pose.

You had to be quick on the draw (well, you knew that one was coming sooner or later) for our next turn, native American squaw Rose Thorne who stood and sat for a series of increasingly longer poses, starting at 1 minute. A tricky challenge, even for a sharp-shooter like me.

Next up was sassy saloon girl Mysti Vine, performing Don’t Fence Me In and staying a couple of poses; followed by the return of Parma Violet‘s Jesse the Cowgirl. The final pose was from Big Chief Running Joke, otherwise known as this week’s stage kitten Steve Pledger, who got his chopper* out for us.

Well, the tumbleweed’s a-rolling again, so it’s time for me to wrap things up and tell you about the next Dr. Sketchy’s, which is happening tomorrow (yes, I’ve left it late again) at the Victoria, and the theme this time the sexually-confusing Gender Bender September. Doors open at 3.30pm and tickets are £10 on the door.

*tomahawk, of course, is what I meant…

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