Boooiiinnnng! Springtime for Dr. Sketchy’s

It was an warm and sunny day back in May at the Victoria for another Dr Sketchy’s, which was appropriate for the theme was ‘Spring Has Sprung’. The smaller-than-usual crowd (undoubtedly due to the unseasonably – for this year at least – good weather) were treated to a blooming good show of vernal delights, starting with a song and a pose from our host Liberty Pink in a emerald dress adorned with flowers. She was followed by Shirley Windmill (no, not that Shirley Windmill) and her massive marrow, the subject her first song, the old music hall classic ‘The Marrow Song (Oh, What a Beauty)’. She followed this with ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ prior to posing in rosettes along with the aforementioned large squash.

Liberty Pink returned with a rendition of the Tom Lehrer anti-avian air ‘Poisoning Pigeons in the Park’ and posed for another sitting, this time accompanied by assistant Tiffany Beau. Taking a stroll in the ‘English Country Garden’ next was Velma von Bon Bon, besieged by a swarm of bees that forced her to shed numerous items of clothing after which she posed for us (with the bees). I also won the prize for this one. Please excuse the shirt… Coming out of her cocoon, we next witnessed the transformation of the artist formerly known as Dani California into Mia Merode and her balletic butterfly burlesque routine.

Finally, our host Liberty Pink returned to round up proceedings, first getting back into the habit (well, dressed as a nun) for her rendition of ‘Edelweiss’ from the ‘The Sound of Music’, which was whipped aside revealing lederhosen and swastikas for a high-kicking take on ‘Springtime for Hitler’ from Mel Brooks’s classic ‘The Producers’. There are more photos from the whole shebang here.

Dr Sketchy’s bounces back tomorrow, the 28th July. We’ll be moseying on down to the saloon bar (well, the function room upstairs) at The Victoria for an afternoon in the ‘Wild Wild West’, featuring Liberty PinkMysti VineRose ThorneParma Violet and Steve Pledger (who I appear to have not credited for his appearance at the ‘Americana’ Dr Sketchy’s as Sandy to Liberty Pink’s John Travolta in their performance of a medley of songs from the musical ‘Grease’. Apologies!). Doors open at 3.30pm, and for admission you’ll have to rustle up £10. I’ll be there, along with fellow cartoonist, business partner at Drawnalism and future Best Man Matt ‘Hack’ Buck (and possibly a return appearance for my Mum). See you there, gringo!

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