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The sketchy performance of the title is mine, as I’ve not posted about Dr Sketchy’s Birmingham in over a year now.  Well, as I was packing up my kit to head off to another class on Saturday, I thought this would be the ideal time to post a selection of drawings from Sketchy’s past. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I unfortunately missed about half of events, and as ever, my notes from the ones I was at were, er, sketchy as well. As such, this post will be a bit short on the usual waffle, but full of many, many sketches of Sketchy’s.

26 March 2011 – Toy Stories

Over a year ago now, but this romp through the children’s toy box threw out a number of interesting  costumes and poses, including Cherryfox‘s Wonderwoman doll (a costume previously seen at the one-off Heroines and Villains Sketchy’s at BICS), the delightfully odd Marnie Scarlett‘s toy soldier, Fanny Divine’s Jack in a box, host Liberty Pink‘s ballerina doll and rounded up with Parma Violet‘s portrayal of Jesse the Cowgirl from Toy Story 2. You can see more playthings on the Facebook page and Flickr set.

28 May 2011 – Fantastical Creatures

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make this one, but you can get a flavour of the event on the Facebook page and Flickr set.

9 July 2011 – Americana

Dr Sketchy’s returns to it’s Stateside roots with an American-themed series of outfits this week. To get things up and running we had a medley of rock and roll hits from Johnny and the Speedos, who also posed for a few sketches. Other models on the bill included two sets from Dante Posh – that of a 50s styled nurse and a High School majorette. Host Liberty Pink and maid Fleur du Mal posed for us as well; and rounding things off was knife-wielding housewife Sherry Trifle.  More on Facebook and Flickr.

24 September 2011 – Rocky Horror Picture Show

Another one I couldn’t make, sadly (I think I was on an oh-so-rare holiday). Facebook link.

26 November 2011 – Winter Wonderland

On this unseasonally cold April evening, (it was snowing earlier) I’m reminded of the warm reception we had from this Winter Wonderland themed set. Wintry costumes were worn (and removed) by the likes of our host Liberty Pink, Dani California, Vendetta Vain, Parma Violet and were cooled off by Sherry Trifle‘s chilling Judderman. Facebook linkFlickr link.

28 January 2012 – Eastern Promise

Another one I couldn’t make (I was all geared up for this one, but was struck down on the morning by a particularly skull-splitting headache). Anyway, you can get a taste of Eastern Promise on the Facebook page.

31 March 2012 – Comic Book Capers

And finally to last Saturday’s event, which follows in the footsteps of the aforementioned comic-themed event at BICS a couple of years back. It was nice to see a few costumes again, notably Parma Violet‘s Harley Quinn routine, our host Liberty Pink‘s Tank Girl outfit (which we didn’t get chance to draw last time), and maid Tiffany Beau‘s Silk Spectre (aka Sally Jupiter from Watchmen). We had a rare pair of male models in the shape of Batman and (apparently a last minute) Robin, who were then joined by Liberty in her Catwoman costume. Velma Von Bon Bon revealed her secret identity and Ivy Wilde played true to her name as Poison Ivy. More pics on Facebook and Flickr.

And that, hopefully, brings me bang up to date! Phew! It’s all on again soon though as Dr Sketchy’s Birmingham returns with Spring Has Sprung on the 26th March 2012. More details when I have them…

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