Baroque to the Future… Dr Sketchy’s Goes Rococo

It was all powdered wigs and crinoline at the Victoria in Birmingham for Dr Sketchy’s back in January. The theme was Rococo Rocks, so with Sophia Copolla’s Marie Antionette playing in the background we were in for an evening of baroque burlesque life drawing.

Kicking things off with Falco‘s Rock Me Amadeus was regular host Liberty Pink, who then went on to pose for our first drawing. She was followed by Marnie Scarlet‘s vivid Red Queen routine, my sketch of whom won the prize for that round – a knitted boob (ahem) cup-cake.

Liberty Pink returned with her rendition of the Scarlet Pimpernel from the musical of the same name, before posing with stage manager Tiffany Beau. Another elaborate wig was being sported by the next act, Kitten von Mew, complete with twinkly fairy lights and a peacock feather tail. She then went on to pose for two drawings, one of them rather ‘cheeky’.

Rounding things off for the evening was Liberty Pink, in another costume change, this time apparently fulfilling another fantasy by appearing as Adam Ant (of Adam and the Ants fame) for a performance of Stand and Deliver, which involved getting this month’s winners up on stage (yours truly included) to dance along. Erk.

Another fun night was had by all, and, as ever, I’ve left this posting a bit late again, as the next Dr Sketchy’s happens this coming Saturday 26th March, upstairs at the Victoria in John Bright Street in Birmingham, tickets £9.50 on the door. I’ll be there, as will my mum, for a special birthday treat. The theme this time round is set to be Toy Story, so why not come out and play?


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