Nothing to be embarrassed about…

Back in November (and again in January) I dropped a couple of hints about an upcoming Channel 4 programme I was going to be involved in. Well, it goes out tomorrow (Friday 18th) at 9pm on (inevitably) Channel 4. Those of you with a handy copy of the Radio Times will have guessed by now that I’ll be appearing on the popular medical show Embarrassing Bodies.

WARNING! There may be some nudity ahead…

Luckily for the viewing public (and my modesty) you won’t get to see any of my embarrassing body parts, nothing more embarrassing than me drawing a few sketches and answering a few questions.

The show’s organisers Maverick TV arranged a life-drawing class featuring two male models, one with a foreskin and one without, for a piece concerning circumcision. We drew the models as host Dr Christian asked us our opinions the rights and wrongs of circumcision, followed by a Q & A session with a series of photographs of diseased (or otherwise) penises.

Anyway, I’m posting my sketches from the day here (see if you can work out which one is which), and will be watching tomorrow with my hands over my eyes and gritted teeth.

In the meantime, I’m just hoping my part doesn’t get cut…

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