Still life at Bodies Revealed

Another late one, but back at the end of October I went along to the press launch of the Bodies Revealed exhibition at the Custard Factory in Birmingham. This show, taking it’s lead from (but not connected with) the Body Worlds exhibitions of Dr Gunther von Hagens, features chemically preserved corpses which have been partially dissected to reveal muscle, organs, bone and tissue for educational study.

The exhibition was not without controversy, particularly with doubts expressed as to the origins of some of the bodies. It’s certainly not for everyone, but speaking as an artist, I found it a fascinating exhibition offering an invaluable insight into what happens ‘under the skin’, and took the opportunity to do a little, er, very still life drawing. Fellow Brum Blogger and photographer Karen Strunks was also there, and snapped a few pics for her blog too. The show has ended now (yes, I was a bit slow in blogging this one), but you can still see my impressions below.

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