Holey Moley! The Travelling Moleskine Party

Waaaay back in October (yes, I know it’s been a while…) I was invited up to Leeds by the lovely people at the Culture Vulture to the Holey Moley party to mark the return of a collection of travelling Moleskine sketchbooks. Various groups of like-minded arty types (including the PCO‘s very own Bloghorn) were sent a Moleskine sketchbook to pass around and collect drawings on a theme. Our theme was Naughtiness – which prompted a whole bunch of naughty cartoons and caricatures from our membership.Here are my submissions:

The party was a little different though. It was held at the Temple Works, an Egyptian-inspired Victorian flax mill (that once had sheep grazing on it’s roof) but is now being converted into an arts centre. Work has only recently started, and the building still bears the marks of it’s last occupier, the Kays catalogue empire. As such, each Moleskine was allocated it’s own cubicle office for the evening, and left to get on with it. So, in keeping with our theme of Naughtiness, I drew a number of caricatures of passing punters in somewhat suggestive poses on the walls (nothing too naughty, of course…). Annoyingly, I left my camera in my hotel room on the evening and managed to miss out on getting some photos of me in action, but I returned in the morning to snap a few pics of my work.

All in all though, a rather fun night. There was all sorts of arty stuff going on in the other rooms (most of which I missed, as I was drawing naughty sketches much of the evening), but I did manage to get my portrait taken by Neal Lewis, of which I’m rather fond…

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