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Grant enlarger

Grant enlarger. Design office equipment – will magnify or reduce artwork and project onto lightbox. Some damage to light-bulb housings, hood and castors.

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  1. Stephanie Moxham Reply

    Hi Peter, thanks , i may need to work out how or ” if ” i could arrange transport to get it back to Dorset , i live near Bournemouth. i will let you know one way or another.

  2. Peter Chapman Reply

    Hello Stephanie, I brought it back from London in the back of an Audi A6 estate, so some thing of that size eg Volvo will do it. I’ll await your thoughts. Peter

  3. Stephanie Moxham Reply

    Hi Peter .. Thanks for being so helpful , I’m considering hiring a courier to come up and get it as I’m really busy with work at the mo.
    Could u send me ur address & & I will send a cheque for the money , as I can’t collect it just yet and don’t want you to sell it to anyone .
    Do u have my e mail address
    Thanks Stephanie

  4. Peter Chapman Reply

    Hi Stephanie, we live at :- Clover Barn, Mill Lane, Brant Broughton Lincoln LN50RP. Mobile 07879884585 for when the courier gets lost! I don’t have your email address. I will get the machine ready for travel.
    Best wishes Peter Chapman

  5. Phil Game Reply

    Hello, anyone got an old grant projector they want to get rid of. Please get in touch if you do. Thanks.

  6. Stephanie Moxham Reply

    Hi does anyone in the south west have a GRANT PROJECTOR FOR SALE please

  7. Emma Reply

    Hello, I have a Halco Sunbury copy scanner/ enlarger in great working condition, even has original leaflet. My father was a graphic artist.
    Located near Epsom Surrey, free to a good home, buyer to to collect.

  8. Stephen Matthews Reply

    I still have a Halco Sunbury model going for free…..will even contribute to transport costs to get rid of it! I live in Woking.

  9. Wendy Phillips Reply

    Hi grant projector fans. I bought a gp through this site several years ago and had many happy years with it. Unfortunately, my partner’s workshop had just burnt down and the beloved grant projector was being stored there after a house move. It has been completely destroyed.

    I am desolate!
    I’m now living in Suffolk and wondering if anyone out there might have one for sale. Mine was the red halco, but anyone would do so long as it is in working order and all the lamps and screens are intact.


  10. Francesca Spoerl Reply

    I have a Copy Scanner for sale which is a version of a Grant enlarger, I think, if anyone is interested. 07501 554537 WhatsApp

  11. Francesca Spoerl Reply

    I have a Copy Scanner for sale in London, it’s similar to a Grant projector. 07501 554537

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