Bedtime for Dr Sketchy’s

Frankii WildeI have to admit to have been caught napping putting together this post about the recent Dr Sketchy’s, seeing as it happened over a month ago now. My laziness seems appropriate though, as this (ahem, last) month’s theme was the bedroom-inspired ‘Boudoir‘.

Donning the dressing gown and comfy slippers of comperé was, as ever, the Decadent Gent, who switfly ushered us into the first act of the night, a short but sweet performance of Dream a Little Dream of Me sung by Cherry Fox,who incidentally has put together a pair of books of her photography of  the current UK burlesque scene, featuring many Dr Sketchy’s performers. Next up, performing to the tune Misirlou (probably best known as the music from Pulp Fiction) was Missy Malone, who sat for two poses. Prior to rushing off to film an advert for a well-known High Street bank she also took time to pick one of my sketches as her favourite.

Missy was followed by a pair of scarlet women – founder of Dr Sketchy’s Nottingham the appropriately crimson-clad Scarlett Daggers performed her routine with a parasol and was followed in turn by the Gent’s frequent co-host (and star of TV’s Faking It) Scarlet Fever in one of those elaborate hoop-framed dresses (erm – not quite sure what you call them…).

The last act of the evening was a fan-dance by Frankii Wilde, who posed for two drawings and then returned to pose again with Scarlett Daggers, for I which I won my second prize – a fez! Luckily, there doesn’t appear to be any pics of me wearing the aforementioned fez in this set. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable evening’s burlesque life-drawing – and I’m looking forward with eager anticipation to next month’s first birthday bash on the 21st November at the Victoria.

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