Dr Sketchy’s V: The Final Frontier

Meg La Mania

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, or last Saturday to be precise, the anti-art burlesque life-drawing class known as Dr Sketchy’s beamed back down to Birmingham. And boldly going where no life-drawing class has gone before, the theme this time was X-Files. Hosted, as ever, by the Decadent Gent, this time regenerated into the form of the Fourth Doctor, we were treated to a selection of broadly Sci-Fi related routines, starting with Rouge Rum the Murderous Mare, featuring Crazy Horses by the Osmonds, a persuing policeman and, er, a horse’s head.

Following was Meg La Mania performing (and singing) Science Fiction/Double Feature from the Rocky Horror Show, with 3D glasses and retro ray-guns. Next up was Scarlet Fever, taking a break from her normal co-hosting duties to perform an alien-headed routine to the tune of Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds (thankfully posing without the alien mask!)

Miss Rose Thorne’s appearance in a long overcoat with a sack over her head served to introduce her Elephant (Wo)man set, complete with prosthetic trunk. Our final act of the evening was the Chantilly Belles with their simply stunning Bride of Frankenstein themed disco set, to the tune of Le Freak by Chic. The evening was rounded up with a final pose from the Belles alongside Miss Rose Thorne. All in all a thoroughly entertaining evening, at which I was accompanied by fellow cartoonist Cathy Simpson, who managed to run off with two of the evening’s prizes (using one of my brush pens, I might add). I myself won one round, for my drawing of the Chantilly Belles, which was, appropriately enough, a Cyberman, of which I’m very proud!

Roll on the next Dr Sketchy’s in September! The theme next time, I’m told, is Boudoir, and is expected to be a popular one, so book up your tickets as soon as you can.

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  1. Cathy Reply

    Hi Alex! What a great set of sketches you have here! And what fun the whole evening was! Many thanks for the links back and stuff.


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