Dr Sketchys Strikes Back

parmaviolet4Third time out, and I was back again at Dr Sketchy’s in Birmingham on the 21st. It’s clearly getting even more popular round these parts, as was demonstrated by the significantly more cramped conditions this time. The stuffy, full-to-capacity upstairs bar at the Victoria didn’t leave me with much elbow room or space for drawing equipment (or indeed my pint glass – that most vital of drawing equipment), not to mention the view – it was almost impossible to get a good vantage point at times, and I was reduced to leaning this way and that craning to get a good view (or not at all, for one pose). Nevertheless, it was a good afternoon’s drawing, and the girls didn’t dissapoint.

First up was Cherry Fox, who, in keeping with this time’s theme of ‘Garden of Delights’  performed her set as a pink butterfly. She was followed by Fleur de Mal with her dragonfly set, complete with long, gossamer-like ‘wings’. Next came the highlight of the evening – Parma Violet with in her garden gnome outfit, complete with disturbingly red beard. Host Decadent Gent posed alongside assistants Scarlet Fever and Ditzy Diamond next, and the evening continuted with a few other poses, culminating in Parma Violet’s Christine Keeler-inspired pose (right), for which I won a prize – a bunch of inflatable tulips!

Much as I enjoyed the event, I do feel that if Dr Sketchys continues to attract new followers they may have to think about leaving the Victoria (which would be a shame, as it’s a lovely pub) for a larger venue, or seriously consider limiting numbers.

Bonus pic: you may spot that one of the pics below doesn’t quite fit – it’s my dad, drawn napping the following day after Sunday lunch.

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