Card-i-cature a week… Week 27 – Alan Johnston (the 2 of Clubs)

Week 27… and this week is the good news that kidnapped BBC journalist Alan Johnston was released from captivity by the Army of Islam group after 114 days. During his time as a hostage he was shown on video wearing a suicide bombers vest.

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2 comments on “Card-i-cature a week… Week 27 – Alan Johnston (the 2 of Clubs)”

  1. Joanne Reply

    I have been watching your cards for a while and think they are great!I only see the beginning of July’s there, what happened to the rest of the month??? Great drawings and imagination!

  2. Alex Hughes Reply

    Hi Joanne,

    Great! Glad you like the cards!

    Unfortunately, I’ve been a bit lax in updating the card-i-catures recently, as I’ve had a busy run. This week, however, I’ll be aiming to bring the series right up-to-date… keep watching!


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