Card-i-cature a week… Week 4 – John Reid (and Illustration Friday – Red)

Well, this week it’s the turn of John Reid, Home Secretary, who has been in the news a fair bit over a number of issues in the last few weeks.

Also, and a bit of a cheat really, this is my ‘Illustration Friday’ entry, the theme this week being Red (referring, of course, to the Hearts suit in the deck). For those of you coming to my site from Illustration Friday, I’d suggest you have a quick look at this page for more details of my ‘Card-i-cature a week’ project.

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1 comment on “Card-i-cature a week… Week 4 – John Reid (and Illustration Friday – Red)”

  1. catnapping Reply

    omg, you’ve got some great cards here. i’m glad i followed your Illustration Friday link. Excellent work!

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