Illustration Friday – Safe

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12 comments on “Illustration Friday – Safe”

  1. steve Reply

    This is hilarious ! The bag labeled ‘swag’ awaiting the same thing, the lighting, the ‘acme’ safe (hmmm, is the Wile E. Coyote gonna fall out of the ‘acme’ safe when it’s open ?)

    Beep ! Beep !


  2. Anonymous Reply

    So, that’s what he was up to!
    He’s leaving his finger prints everywhere!
    ta ta

  3. Jana Bouc Reply

    Wow! I really admire your talent and skill. The lighting is amazing as is the character and the scene.

  4. republic of desire Reply

    Swag, tongue sticking out, spot-light, “robber costume”, Acme. This one is perfect.

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