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The previous tattooing blog reminded me of a e-mail I had a few months back. I drew the cover and other caricatures and illustrations for album artwork for ‘Pedigree Chump’ (and later ‘Room for Abuse’) for [spunge] a few years back. Recently though, I had an e-mail from a [spunge] fan who wanted my permission to have the caricatures of the band tatooed on his body. Although I was a surprised, I said ‘why not’.

I subsequently had a quick look at the [spunge] website to see if there was anything interesting happening, and was somewhat more surprised to find out that this won’t be the first tattoo – have a look at the third picture down on the left hand side here… yes, someone has taken the ‘Kicking Pigeons’ part of the cover artwork from and had it inscribed permanently on their person.

Now, I can’t work out if I’m flattered or very, very afraid…

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