More Alex Hugheses (or is that Hughess?)

Having heard from the Alex Hughes of got me thinking: how many more of us are there out there. So, in a blatantly Dave Gormanesque way I’ve been hunting (well, googling) me down. Now, I’ve never actually met another Alex Hughes in person (although my mother tells me that there was a girl born on the same day as me in the next bed to hers who she later found out to be named Alex Hughes – whereabouts unknown). All the same, there’s a lot of me about. Aside from myself and the previously mentioned Alex Hugheses the list goes as follows:

Commissioner Alex Hughes, chief executive of the Salvation Army in the UK.

Professor of Twentieth-Century French Literature Alex Hughes, Head of the School of Humanities at the University of Birmingham and author and editor of such books as French Erotic Fiction and Heterographies: Sexual Difference in French Autobiography – I’ve been mistaken for her (yes, her, short for Alexandra) once before by a librarian in the States, as she’s also from Birmingham – see here for an example why.

Late British reggae star from the 70s Judge Dread ‘The World’s Number One Rude Boy’ (born as Alex Hughes), died on stage 15 March 1998.

Lecturer in Geography at Newcastle University, Dr. Alex Hughes, another Alexandra.

Associate Justice (whatever that means) Alex Hughes from the Student Government of the University of New Mexico.

Bass guitarist Alex ‘Blues’ Hughes for Noah Hunt and the 420 All-Stars from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Research student in Computer Vision Alex Hughes at the University of York.

Not quite sure about this Alex Hughes (the IV no less) – apparently owns a company called LexCorps, which has ominous shades of the baddie from Superman.

The Australian child actress Alex Hughes of ‘Don’t Blame the Koalas’ and ‘Snobs’ fame.

Another Alex Hughes who may or may not (judging by the graphic at the top) have some sort of aspirations to being a cartoonist. Bugger – that could be confusing.

An American estate agent Alex Hughes from Portland (not sure exactly where, but guessing Oregon). Interestingly it appears he has one of those Sedgeway personal transport thingys.

Black gay porn star Alex Hughes of such classics as Juice in the Hood.

The Scottish sci-fi fan and net security expert Alex Hughes.

Professional Disc Golfer Alex Hughes – no, I’ve got no idea what that means either.

Rugby Union centre Alex Hughes for Weston-Super-Mare.

An old picture of Alex Hughes, apparently pre-measles.

Swimmer for Central Washington University, Alex Hughes is originally from Anchorage, Alaska.

Former employee of the City of Baltimore Mayor’s Office, Alex Hughes.

You tell me – this website by Alex Hughes is still Under Construction.

This Alex Hughes appears to be a coin collector, who donated a 2 oz. sterling silver, Indiana State flag bar. Whatever that is.

Federation CPD Event Approvals Administrator Alex Hughes for the Royal College of Physicians.

The actor Alex Hughes, apparently playing Oedipus.

Investor contact Alex Hughes for Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Junior Moto-cross rider Alex Hughes and his brother, Nick.

And last, but not least (for now at least) Alex Hughes Bannister (alright, can’t help the double barrelled bit) who is apparently leading a team of camels around Australia on ‘an exciting IT orientated expedition attempting the first circumnavigation of Australia with camels. Incorporated into our physical objective is an on-line educational project for schoolchildren, focussing on the environment and cultural awareness.’

Phew! That’ll do for now, I’m sure there’s plenty more out there, please feel free to contact me if you are an Alex Hughes, or even if you are lucky enough to know one.

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2 comments on “More Alex Hugheses (or is that Hughess?)”

  1. Clare O'Brien Reply

    Are you the Alex Hughes who used to live in Marple (or Marple Bridge)? Did you once create a book about Bullies?

    If so, then I suspect you may be the Alex Hughes I commissioned to produce a collage illstration of Linotype’s new office in London about 998 years ago.

    If not, you’ll probably be thinking I’m quite mad…

    (Came across your blog because someone sent me a link to your Brown / Osborn (?) cartoon today.

    Clare O’Brien

  2. Alex Reply

    Hi Clare,

    I’m afraid that must be (yet) another Alex Hughes… unless you are the Clare O’Brien I went to school with in the late 80s, of course. But no, no books on bullies, and no work for Linotype.


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