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Back again – almost a week running now. Stumbled upon the website for Jonathon Cusick today. He’s one of the caricaturists that contributed to my book ‘Learn to Draw Caricatures’, but is probably better known now as the guy who did the caricatures for the Cadbury’s Chocolate adverts in the ad breaks for ‘Coronation Street’. Anyway, he’s horribly talented, and his site is

Ran out of ink the other week – might not sound like much, but it’s something of a pain in the arse. I don’t use a particularly unusual ink – Rowney Kandahar Black Indian Ink, but couldn’t seem to find someone who stocks it. The local art shops didn’t have any and wouldn’t order in any until the end of the month, my usual art supply websites didn’t seem to stock it(I use the 1 litre bottle – the last one lasted a three or four years), but eventually hit on a site that supplies it – Yup, that’s right, a tattoo supplier. I didn’t even realise that tattooists used indian ink (not quite sure what I thought they did use mind you), but I’m grateful to them. I do know it’s a bugger to wash off your hands, so maybe it’s more permanent than I initially thought. Don’t know what it is, but whenever I find a combination of materials that works for me, they stop making it. So far, I’ve had to spend time to track down paper, ink, nibs and C3 board-backed envelopes (don’t get me started).

On another note, it looks like I’ve got a lodger for my spare room through, which has taken a bit of a weight off my mind. Just got to get references and whatnot sorted out, and hopefully he’ll be in by the beginning of November. More details as they come…

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