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1 comment on “Seesaw”

  1. Guy Stevenson Reply

    Fulton Sheen the reactionary and liberal: “The reactionary has rather correctly been defined as a man who has two feet and new shoes, but does not know how to walk; and a liberal as one who has both feet firmly planted in mid-air. The reactionary believes that change in the present order is revolution; the liberal believes that change demands the repudiation of sacred and inviolable principles. … All that we have in the world is reaction against reactions; revolt against revolts; the reactionary and liberal are on a see-saw, and think they are going places because they are going up and down and see their momentary triumph over their opponent.”

    ~ Fulton J. Sheen: For God and Country, Liberal and Reactionary (P. J. Kenedy & Sons) 1941.
    [can you fit the above quote with the picture?)

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